Love Never Fails…

The Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas has come to an end.

My love, compassion, advocacy and consistent prayer for waiting children has not.

There are still 8,999 children who are in the permanent managing conservatorship of the State of Texas right now (see DFPS 2015 Data Book).  All parental rights have been terminated.  These children will stay in this place “waiting” until they are either:

1.  Adopted.

2.  Permanent Managing Conservatorship is transferred to a suitable individual.

3.  The child becomes a legal adult at age 18.

Let’s pray for ADOPTION!

To see photos and read bios of children who are currently waiting for adoption in Texas, please visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange.  I highly encourage families to register on TARE by creating an account, submit your family’s licensed homestudy, and inquire about the children through TARE.  If you do not receive a response to your inquiry within five business days, please call/email the listed TARE coordinator for the child and speak with them directly.

Thank you for continuing to advocate for children who are currently waiting for adoption in our community.  It has been an honor to serve alongside you.  I’m grateful for the opportunity.


Samantha Crumrine (Sam)

Founder, Board President