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My parents have changed all 12 of our lives for the better! I feel like they gave us a chance at a Good Life!This picture is from the Summer we first moved into the Simmons’ home. Mercer Reunion at Hordes Creek – 1989. The younger 4 of us were foster children at this time and later adopted in November 1989.  My 4 older siblings who were also adopted are pictured along with 2 of our cousins!

I look back on my Life and its finally starting to make sense.  As a child I couldn’t understand the things that were happening to me or around me. I just new that at some point someone loved me. Someone had to right? I am still not clear on all the details of what lead my brothers, my sister and I to be removed from our biological parents home at a very young age. However, my memory has started to really take me back to foggy days. I try not to dwell on the past too much because it is the present and the future that remains important.


I do believe that my childhood has shaped my life, however it is not who I am. I just remember being separated from my baby sister and my older brother. My younger brother stayed with me and was moved from home to home as I was. For nearly a year we were all separated never staying put long enough to make anything of it.


You just don’t realize how traumatizing that can be for a child until you have your own. The 4 of us were so lucky to find a family that was interested in placing my older brother in their home. After reviewing his records they found out he was not alone having 3 younger siblings.  So they made the decision to spend time with us all. We hadn’t been together for some time and even though we were very young, we all felt the affects of not having each other near. So I am pretty grounded on nothing could be more Amazing than the fact that we were all brought back together.


I see so many families looking and looking for loved ones after being split apart. We moved in and lived with this family for less than 6mos before they began the adoption process. We all 4 were adopted into a family with the most Amazing Parents.


It has been over 22years since we were adopted and I could never have been more Blessed. My parents have reached out to other children whom they adopted prior to our adoption. All in all my parents have adopted and raised 8 children. A few years ago they adopted 4 grandchildren and have began this process all over again.  No one can imagine the trials and obstacles a family faces with multiple adoptions. The different backgrounds of each child and the pain, suffering each of us faced before we finally found a place to call home.


My parents have retired and they still give all that they have. There are many challenges that come about everyday with the children that are now in their care. They just truly believe that they were called to care for children in need. It really is the only thing that matters to them. My parents to many people are Amazing people but some days I just think most people have no idea to me, My parents have changed all 12 of our lives for the better!


Out of the 8 of us far we have a SAISD teacher, Registered Nurse, Lead Low-Voltage Cable Technician, Optical Technician, Administrative Assistant and 1 Navy Veteran. We have been given many opportunities to Succeed thanks to our Parents!